The formation of the band is already mentioned in 1985. The place of origin is Rokytnice v Orlickych horach. The band mainly played metal music, which at that time the audience was starting to be interested in. Between 1989 and 2000, the band, with several breaks, was active mainly on the domestic scene.
          In 2000, the album Cesta (The Way) was recorded and released, which contains 13 original compositions with Czech lyrics. It is worth mentioning the members of the time, Bohous Urs (drums), Jan Jirout (bass, vocals) and also Radek Dockalik (guitar, vocals), who was the author of the music for most of the songs and who is still an active member of the band today.
         The period from the release of the debut to the year 2011 is not mapped in detail, but in this year the band releases another album called Domovina (Homeland). There are also some music videos for this album available on YouTube, well worth checking out. Keyboard player Lea Sediva also worked in the band at that time. Another, still active member, Jaroslav Novak, also took up the post of guitarist. In 2015, Jan Jirout and Bohouš Urs left the band and the search for bandmates began.
          In 2016 brought change. Dalibor "Panther" Halamicek took over as singer and pushed for the name change to Moravius, but this article is about Archon.
          In short, when we "survived" in good health, the line-up under the original name ARCHON remained as follows: Radek Dočkalík (guitar), Jarda Novák (guitar), Jarda Dufek (bass) and the line-up was later completed by Tomáš Strašák (drums) and as singer and frontman Filip Funty. Both of the latter bring fresh young blood to the band, which is great.
          At the moment, we are all intensively working on a new album, full of sharp guitar compositions from the pen of Radek Dočkalík.
But most of all we are looking forward to the fans and the concerts.

Jaromír Dufek
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